Hey! I am so happy you are here!

My name is Mary Jones

I have been a photographer for 9 years, specializing in all things portrait! I basically grew up with a camera in my hand. All the way from about 12 years old with an oversized polaroid , then a cute little pink point and shoot around my wrist for all of my 20's
and now here I am with a fancy Canon makin all my dreams come true! I am a hopeless romantic who believes that the best kind of images are created when that effortless, every day magic is captured. The smallest moments make the biggest impact.

-Laid back, nostalgic, real-


I want every session to feel easy for my clients and I want them to get what they truly want out of it.

The best way to get that result is to be okay with the every day chaos. I in fact, am more than okay with it, I love it. I thrive in it.

Give me the wild babies, the shy toddlers and even the uncomfortable Dad's. All of it. That's where the good stuff is and I believe

thats what every client wants in the end. Their story told perfectly through a gallery of those raw and honest moments.

Life is all about trying to hold on to people and memories that we love, and occasionally hang them on our walls...

some things you might like to know ...

about me

obsessed with - pretty light

favorite place - the mountains

favorite thing - Date night & Anything that's pink

Second favorite Job - mom

Dream destination - greece

most likely listening to - praise music

Let's make some memories..

Can't wait to connect with you soon!

Email: maryjonesphoto@gmail.com